Rap and hip-hop significantly made its division from rock and roll, as a new culture and community in the 90’s in New York. Many artists like Kanye West and Ice Cube agree that rap and hip hop was derived from rock and roll, it was only in 90’s New York that made this new style of music. It began with groups such as RUN DMC, who’s music was sometimes described as ‘rap rock’, so the 90s hip-hop and rap in New York was the beginning of a very long and influential music progression and vogue. There are many arguments questioning what ‘rap’ was in the 90’s but these questions and discussions are part of what created a communicational element for this topic. It was the discussion of uniqueness and creating a story or message through lyricists and music as a form of art. Here are a couple of examples of how RUN DMC show their gangsta rap rock style:

“Parents do not want their children listening to [rap], and educators do not see the educational value in [rap]. I believe that the value resides in the critique”
Gwendolyn Pough  2002 pp. 92-93

Anything that is new or unknown is feared and in regards to the argument surrounding how rap and hip-hop music in New York arose, this topic can be easily misunderstood. This was a newly formed genre and there were questions on whether this new genre would become a bad influence on the younger generations. It was easier to look towards the negatives of this new art rather than the positives, like how it created a community and belongingness within many people (Feld 2010).



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