Reflection and Reason

The reason I have used the chosen medium of a blog for my assignment is because I was certain on doing a project relating to music in regards to the topic of hip-hop and rap culture in 90’s New York. As soon as I read the outline and requirements for this assignment I immediately wanted to choose a topic on music as it has always been a large passion of mine. When there is a freedom of choice of selected medium to use and the topic is music, a sound file seemed to fit perfectly as the medium of choice. When thinking a little more about my chosen topic, although the sound and feelings that music create is important as it can be interpreted and create feelings that are unexplainable, music and sound is only one of many elements involved in the topic of hip-hop and rap culture in 90’s New York so I changed my idea for choice of medium so that I could showcase the fashion side of it as well.

Rap and hip-hop music are my favourite genres to listen to and I have many favourite artists today who have been influenced heavily by 90’s artists through elements such as their rap style, with influences like the Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, and even modern collaborations with 90s hip-hop artists like Methodman, Raekwon, RZA and Ghostface Killah from the popular Wu-Tang clanIt was interesting to discover how this 90’s era of hip-hop didn’t just begin and end in the 90’s, it has carried on to this day. Although there are reasons mentioned throughout the blog as to the meaning of 90’s hip-hop and rap in New York and how it arose, I feel like I am part of the community and the communication of this culture. The reason I feel part of this culture is for reasons including, my interest in the fashion of the time and also the concerts the artists hold which I feel create a sense of belonging.

One of the criteria is ‘effective use of medium chosen’ and I thought, with hip-hop and rap culture in 90’s New York there are so many parts of this culture that created it. Including what I have mentioned throughout my blog such as race, gender, sound and fashion. These are all part of what created the New York rap and hip-hop culture in the 90’s. The reason I chose to do hip-hop and rap in the 90’s is because that decade is when it first made its major impact throughout the world and I wanted to see the impact that it made at the time specifically on the chosen topics mentioned. The 90’s hip-hop and rap era had so much influence and power and during this period of time, hip-hop and rap had created a new culture and genre with some ideologies carried through to this day.

Something that made this use of blog form better for me was the leniency for the amount of blog posts required. The reason  being, when thinking about the most important parts that I wanted to include in my blog, and seeing that if I did 15 pages on my blog, 160 words just wasn’t enough space for me to structure my blog the way I envisioned, and wasn’t enough words for the depth of research required as well. So the reason I chose to cut back on the amount of blog posts and instead, stick to the word count is because this way I could talk more about important aspects of the essay with visuals and links included.




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